img_2595Hi there, my name is Ben. Born and raised in a small town near Rotterdam in the Netherlands. After growing up in the countryside and passing my school exams last year, I’m currently studying in the city of Rotterdam. I like good food, cuddling with my dogs and I can be a history and geography geek from time to time. When I meet new people, I always tell them that I have two passions: Taekwon-Do and traveling (I love combining those two, by the way). I started doing Taekwon-Do six years ago and I am currently a 1st degree black belt, training to get into the Dutch national team.

But let’s talk about the reason you are probably here: travel. I started my urge to travel at a quite young age. Lots of my friends went to all sorts of exotic and exciting places in the world during summer holidays, while I stayed home. We had a lot of animals to take care of back home, and my brother and sister were too young to travel big distances. So you can imagine the hype I felt, when my mom told me we were going to Denmark for a few days. Denmark isn’t that far away from the Netherlands, and in terms of landscape it’s mostly similar, but I didn’t care. It was a new place, where I’ve never been before and knew nothing about. When we got back after some (rainy) days, I craved for more traveling and exploring…
And now, with my passport in my hand, a map in my other hand, and a stuffed backpack I am ready to travel and explore this beautiful earth of ours. I’ve already been on quite some adventures, but there’s so much more to go to and do. My story on this little ball in the galaxy is far from over, it is only beginning…

I hope to inspire you with my stories and maybe give some tips. I’m not an expert, but I’ll try to collect and share as much knowledge as I can. Make sure you subscribe and follow me on social media, so you won’t miss out on anything.

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