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Who is Dustmountains?

“The World is Yours to Explore” is the quote I started my blog with. It’s a quote I live by and hope to inspire you with.


My name is Ben Stofbergen, born and raised in a small town near Rotterdam, Netherlands. Currently studying Tourism Management in Rotterdam. I like video games, writing and reading and I am always down to grab a beer with a good friend or even a stranger!


But if there’s one thing I like more it’s travel. As a kid I didn’t travel a lot or far. My family and I went on vacation once a year to France or Denmark, but that’s about it. Thanks to the wonderful world of internet, I found out there’s more to the world then that. Blogs, videos, photos, it all inspired me to one day travel the world. At this point I realised that the infamous travel bug had bit me. And there was no cure (thankfully).


Now I am 19 years old, and the country counter is rising every year. I have seen so much, experienced so many things, been to a lot of places and most important: I’ve learned. However, this world has so much more to offer and there is more to see, experience and learn. After all, the world is yours to explore